A couple of decades ago, remote jobs would have seemed unthinkable hence, they are fairly new ideas. However, they are increasingly becoming common, all thanks to heightened globalization and quickly expanding technology.

One spectacular fact about remote jobs is that it permits you to have a fulfilling career while offering you the luxury of doing that from wherever you want. These jobs are the best option especially for those who reside in regions where there are not many opportunities as regards their profession. You can also continue the job even if you choose to move to a location with more affordable housing. Digital wanderers, you should pay more attention to these work opportunities. 

Another good thing about remote jobs is the flexibility that comes with it, you choose to decide when you complete your hours thereby being able to work for different people. It is the best alternative if you have family responsibilities or other work that is time-consuming because it will help you meet up while still in the job.

Let us recall what we faced and are still going through as a result of the pandemic-coronavirus. These remote jobs were life-savers for a lot of people, especially with the recent economy.

If you are searching for the best remote jobs, don't search any further. Here, we have a list of remote jobs that fit various skillsets and careers. We’ve also included how to find a remote job and tips for how to work from home. Let’s take a look.

1. Developer

If there is only one type of job you can do remotely then it should be jobs in the development sphere either as an engineer, app developer, full-stack developer, or anything similar to them.

Interestingly, they are high on demand, almost every firm or organization needs a developer, this is why it can be ranked as a top remote job. As a result of this, jobs in the area of development do not mean you have to work for or with lesser-known companies, in fact, it could actually mean the opposite.

We can assuredly say this because the tech industry is continuously growing thereby giving room for recruiting more developers and engineers. Now, if you are yet to be a developer, there are different avenues through which you can build your skillset at no cost. From there, you can kick off your career as a developer by working as an intern or junior developer and then, work your way all the way up. 

2. Translator

In a quest to bridge the communication gap, there is an increase in the demand for translators especially now that the world is a global village. There are various roles a translator can fit into such as proofreading, testing websites and translating documents. 

Apparently, a translator job requires that you at least have a knowledge of two languages or more. Moreover, if you are proficient in numerous languages, this will give you an edge. 

3. Designer


Furthermore, other jobs in the tech industry are designers and are highly sought after by many remote companies. UX, Shopify theme designers, and UI design roles are some remote graphic design jobs that can be remotely done.

Just like developers, a design role needs a lot of knowledge and you can acquire these skills with the aid of free tools. Currently, people place a high value on websites that are well designed. This simply implies that companies will always need designers and here is at least one reason why you should consider this as a remote job. 

4. Journalist/Writer

This may not be an easy remote job in this internet age considering that you need closure of many papers. Nevertheless, it is still a well-known choice for remote jobs. 

A lot is involved in journalism, you must have exceptional research skills as well as being a very good writer. But if you are yet to get to that stage, you can start from somewhere by writing content for various online websites. By so doing, you will be able to improve your writing skills and gradually create a portfolio for yourself and your work.

5. Entrepreneur

Here is a different kind of remote job because, unlike other remote jobs you have to work for others, here, you work for yourself. So, if you have been in search of remote jobs and yet to find one, then this might be an opportunity to start something for yourself.

Being an entrepreneur is neither a skyrocket science and also not for the faint-hearted nor one of those 9-5 jobs. Nevertheless, it can be incredibly rewarding. Entrepreneurs are continuously searching for better ways to grow their business so this will give you an avenue to learn a wide range of skills you do not have and also, sharpen the ones you already have. 

6. HR Onboarding Specialist

Do you have any experience in recruiting and HR? Then you should consider applying to onboarding specialist remote jobs. The requirements of this job have to do with sourcing, screening and referring new candidates, and also directing new recruits. In order to help new employees find their feet and succeed, big and small companies need the help of an onboarding specialist. If you want to be exceptional, you should design an employee handbook that you can distribute to employers to prove your ability to do the job effectively.  

7. Social Media Manager

 Social media manager roles are for persons that require a job that will help them utilize all their social media skills by endlessly scrolling on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

As a social media manager, you can effectively carry out your duties from home where you can communicate with members of your team through email or chats and schedule your posts with the use of online tools.

To be a good social media manager, you must have knowledge of the contents that work or do not work among the different social media platforms. Moreover, you can as well build these skills with time. You can kick off by assisting a small company and then leverage the experience to work for bigger firms. 

8. Online Marketer

If you can smoothly sell ice to a polar bear then the role of an online marketer is for you! This is a term that houses the various marketing skills that are under the marketing umbrella. Here are a few of the numerous areas of expertise you can work in as an online marketer: working in search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), affiliate marketing, content marketing, or email marketing.

Due to the numerous areas of expertise, there is a wide range of opportunities for anyone who desires to venture into that. Meanwhile, remote marketing jobs are now very easy to get especially cos it requires very little expertise and there are avenues for you to improve your skills.

9. Product Manager

We may not completely define this as a marketing job though as a product manager, you need to relate with both the development and marketing team in order to gather the information that you will later translate and incorporate as features of the product. It is safe to say that you collaborate with the marketing team and not necessarily in the department and it is an exciting experience especially when you have gotten a hang of things. Additionally, the self-esteem and attention you will command by spearheading the launch of a new product cannot be compared to any other thing you will likely get in the course of working as a remote marketer.

10. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is someone that assists entrepreneurs and businesses get organized. This is what the job practically entails. A virtual assistant helps alleviate pressures from others by helping them carry out simple yet engaging tasks.

He/she can carry out the duties of customer care or handles orders for an online store. They can as well update or make certain changes on the website or take care of the calendars. But for you to be a virtual assistant, it is of utmost importance that you are responsible, organized, and possess excellent communication skills. The role of a virtual assistant is flexible and gives you a lot of time. If you have time constraints, then taking up a virtual assistant role is the best available choice of a remote job you can take. 

11. Customer support

If you are more interested in assisting people to solve their problems then a customer support role is the most suitable remote job for you. This job entails calling or chatting with customers in order to answer their questions and solve their problems.  

In order to succeed in this role, you must have not just good communication skills but adequate knowledge of the product or service you will be helping customers with. Although some of these roles require full-time while some are either part-time, weekend, or evening jobs so you can find a way to work around other commitments you may have. 

12. Transcriber

With wonderful attention to detail and listening skills, you can add a transcriber to do things you can do. What a transcriber basically does is convert audio files into written text and this service is needed by numerous professionals ranging from medical professionals to podcasters and so on.  

For you to carry out a transcription job, you have to master the art of listening and typing simultaneously. It may sound straightforward but trust me, transcription is not one of the easiest of all work-from-home jobs, nevertheless, the demand for it is on the rise. And, with this rise in demand, it is safe to say that over the next few years, the transcribing job will be one of the most stable part-time remote jobs.

13. Website Content Uploader

Interestingly, this remote job can be taken up by just anybody; college students or mothers. All you need to do is upload product descriptions, videos, images, and lots more. Without a website content uploader, an employer’s website will lose visibility because there will be nothing to show on the website just like an empty land with just a is just a foundation. Therefore, the duty of a website content uploader is to help establish their online presence by putting up the materials they’ve gathered about their business. You are only required to familiarize yourself with various content management systems. Most importantly, you should learn how to go about the backend of a content platform in order to put up text, images, and other media on the website.

14. English Teacher

One of the most rewarding jobs you can take up as a traveler is to teach English overseas. You just need a stable internet connection and a headset in order for you to easily commence online teaching and assist students with their language skills set. 

Over time, English teachers are always in demand, though there is a need for teachers in other languages. For you to pass off as a great teacher, you must have excellent communication skills, be well organized in order to put lesson plans together, and also have a real interest in the development of your students.

Where Can You Find Remote Jobs?

Most time recruiting for remote jobs happens majorly over video chat but you may be wondering how you can land yourself any of these remote jobs or where to even find them?

Maybe if you have never searched for a remote job, you can say that they do not exist but actually, there are so many remote job websites. Though we were unable to list all the remote jobs websites in our article, we can help you get started with some famous ones that will commence your search.


FlexJobs oversees most remote jobs, work from home gigs, and all sorts of flexible jobs. 

VIP Kids

This site is tailor-made for English teachers. It allows lots of employees to set their schedules thereby giving them a lot of flexibility.

We Work Remotely

If you are searching for design or development remote jobs, then this site is for you because you can find all types of work here.


Scribie is constantly ranking top on the search for more home-based freelancers.


RemoteOK is a site that has a wide range of statistics concerning some interesting statistics about their most sought-after jobs and top remote companies.


This is a place for developers to fish out a project or team. Arc will fit in whether you’re searching for either full-time or part-time jobs or permanent/limited contracts


Upwork is basically a site to fetch a freelance job. Moreover, this can be a great platform to develop relationships with clients that will probably lead to securing consistent jobs.


You should consider joining Toptal if you have found your feet in your chosen field. This site brings together companies and valid freelancers that have passed through a screening process in the same room. 

Fast Tips for Working Remote Jobs

The first thing you ought to do is to have a good home office if you want to succeed at remote jobs. There are a few tricks you must follow if you want to have an enjoyable remote working experience.

Have a Routine

Be intentional about having a daily routine because it brings you out of the home mode and takes you into work mode. You can make your routine more elaborate or as simple as giving yourself a hard start and finish time. For instance, you could add a morning routine where you can incorporate having some fresh air and being mentally ready before you commence your day.

Ensure You Work Regular Hours

We have already given a hint above, but maintaining and sticking to the regular work hours will assist you mentally to get in the right state of mind for work. In most remote jobs, you can work for at least eight hours daily and this can possibly be accomplished. Also, try not to fall into the trap of working late consistently so as to strike a balanced work life. 

Have Scheduled Breaks

It is very important you take scheduled breaks in between work hours so as to recharge as well. It is quite difficult to carry out your task when you are mentally exhausted so a break is essential for productivity.  Once in a while, distract yourself with something like a cup of coffee, this will be okay to reset your brain and leave you stimulated to proceed with your work. 

Have a Dedicated Work Area

There is something about being able to physically move from your workspace at the end of the day's work therefore you must consider setting up a dedicated work space if you do remote jobs, it will help separate your work from your leisure space. Build a distinct work time, include a supportive chair, desk and every other thing that can make work time more relaxing. Additionally, it is one of the tricks of working from home when you have kids around. You can jump into your work space once the babysitter arrives 

Get Fresh Air

Do you know that as someone working from home, you may discover that at the end of the day, you have not stepped outside? This is not healthy at all and it is not good for you. Ensuring you receive fresh air and change your environment will do wonders for your mind, and even if it's a sunny day, soaking up all the vitamin D from its rays won't be a bad idea. 

Ask About Retreats

Organizations that are remote-friendly sometimes make arrangements for team meetups in different destinations, maybe: Bali, Barbados, Maldives, and so on. You should maybe ask about these things because it will avail you the opportunity to take a break from work and also connect with your fellow workers. Just imagine meeting someone you have been chatting with for quite some time and build friendships, how exciting! It is also an opportunity to explore new locations. Oftentimes, going on a retreat can be everything fun, intriguing, and stimulating as well