Aramco Invites International Job Seekers: Learn How to Apply and Secure Your Position

Aramco Invites International Job Seekers: Learn How to Apply and Secure Your Position

Saudi Aramco, the state-owned oil company of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has put out a call for experienced non-Saudi professionals to apply for jobs within the company. This represents a unique opportunity for qualified applicants looking to work for one of the largest energy companies in the world. 

Aramco is seeking to diversify its workforce and bring in talent from around the globe. The company plans to hire several hundred non-Saudi professionals in 2022 and 2023 to fill critical skills gaps and support major projects across its upstream, downstream, and corporate operations. Positions are available in fields like engineering, project management, finance, IT, and more.


So how can you land one of these coveted roles at Saudi Aramco? Here are some tips:

Tailor your application materials 

When applying for a specific role at Aramco, carefully review the job description and highlight how your background and experience directly relate to the position requirements. Reference specific skills, qualifications, and proven accomplishments that make you a strong candidate. Avoid submitting generic application materials that aren’t customized for each role.

For example, if you are applying for a reservoir engineering role, be sure to emphasize relevant coursework, past reservoir modelling projects, experience with reservoir simulation software, and successes in increasing hydrocarbon recovery. Tailor your resume, cover letter, and any other application materials to match Aramco's needs for that position.


Focus on relevant skills and experience  

Aramco is looking for professionals with expertise in specialized technical areas like reservoir modeling, drilling engineering, refining operations, petrochemical process design, and maintenance planning. The company also needs experienced managers and leaders to oversee major capital projects and operations. Emphasize your directly relevant hard skills and experience in your application. 

For technical roles, provide examples of specific equipment and technologies you have worked with. Showcase certifications and training in the appropriate domains. For leadership roles, give instances where you successfully managed interdisciplinary teams, executed major projects under budget and on schedule, and delivered business results.

Highlight leadership abilities 

In addition to technical expertise, Aramco also values leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills given the scale, complexity, and multinational nature of its operations. Provide examples of how you’ve successfully led teams, managed projects, and interacted effectively with diverse stakeholders. These “soft skills” are key for overseas hires.

Illustrate your leadership talents by sharing success stories of mentoring junior team members, resolving conflicts between cross-functional groups, spearheading inclusion and diversity initiatives, and communicating technical issues with non-technical audiences. Demonstrate versatility and the ability to adapt your leadership style.

Brush up on the oil and gas industry

Make sure you have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of the oil and gas industry, including upstream exploration and production, midstream transportation and logistics, and downstream refining and petrochemical operations. Familiarize yourself with industry trends, challenges, new technologies, and state-owned national oil companies. This shows your genuine interest in the sector.

Read industry publications and take online courses to build your oil and gas knowledge base if needed. Having context on challenges like climate change, renewable energy, and energy transitions will show your strategic perspective. Research how Aramco compares to other IOCs and NOCs in production volumes, reserves, major assets, and financials.

Be open to living in Saudi Arabia

Most non-Saudi hires will be based full-time in Saudi Arabia given Aramco’s headquarters and operations are concentrated there. While exceptions are made for some virtual roles, generally the company expects overseas hires to be willing to relocate. Spend some time learning about the country, cultural norms, and day-to-day life there. Be prepared to adjust and make Saudi Arabia your home.

Talk to friends or colleagues who have lived and worked in the Kingdom. Do research on topics like housing, transportation, social life, cultural dos and don'ts, and more. If you have family, consider issues like schooling and partner employment. Demonstrating a sincere willingness to relocate smooths the hiring process.

Network and make connections

Lean on your network and connections in the industry to help get your foot in the door. Aramco employees may be able to provide insights and referrals. You can also connect directly with recruiters and hiring managers on LinkedIn. Some roles may be filled by invitation only based on professional contacts and relationships.

Attend industry events and conferences to expand your network. Connect with professional associations relevant to your field. If you know anyone who works or has worked at Aramco, politely ask if they can make introductions. Referrals from current employees often influence hiring decisions.

Ace the interviews 

If called for an interview, prepare extensively for technical questions specific to the role you’re applying for. Expect to explain in detail how your skills and experience translate to the position. You may need to solve problems or describe how you’d approach hypothetical scenarios. Interviews may involve multiple rounds plus technical assessments. Stay sharp and focused throughout the process. 

Go through typical oil and gas interview questions and practice responses that highlight your competencies. For technical roles, brush up on engineering fundamentals. Prepare to talk through complex technical challenges you've tackled. Review your experiences and projects to provide clear, concise examples.

Highlight your cultural adaptability

During interviews, don’t shy away from questions about your willingness to adjust to Saudi culture and norms. Highlight the cross-cultural experiences you have and your openness to immersing yourself in a new region. Providing thoughtful responses shows your level of commitment and cultural sensitivity.

Do your homework on Saudi cultural customs like greetings, social etiquette, gender norms, and standards of dress. Speak to any relevant overseas experiences that helped you adapt to new environments. Convey a genuine interest in learning the language and engaging with the community. This helps assuage concerns about cultural fit.

Be patient during the process

Aramco's application and hiring process is extensive given the selective nature of overseas hiring. Expect multiple stages of intensive screenings, interviews, assessments and background checks. The process can take many weeks or months. Don't be discouraged by the timeline. Persistence and patience are key.

The prolonged process allows Aramco to deeply vet candidates and ensure they have the required technical abilities, leadership potential, and cultural adaptiveness. Appreciate that it takes time for them to properly assess such an important investment. Check regularly for status updates but avoid pestering recruiters.

Understand compensation and benefits

It's wise to gather information early about Aramco's compensation and benefits package for expatriate hires. Packages are tailored for each role and candidate experience level. However, in general, Aramco offers competitive expatriate salaries with minimal tax, along with housing, transportation, relocation support, healthcare, retirement plans, paid vacation, and more. Understand the full value proposition when considering roles.

Be strategic in your application approach 

Given the competitiveness of overseas hiring, be strategic in the roles you apply for. Focus on positions that are the best match for your capabilities and career aspirations. Don't underestimate the transition—it's better to take on a role you're fully prepared for than one that stretches your experience. Leverage Aramco's career site and team outreach to inform your decisions.

The application process won’t be easy, but landing a role at Aramco can be an incredibly rewarding and lucrative career move. The compensation and benefits are competitive, you’ll work on complex projects using cutting-edge technology, and you’ll contribute to one of the world’s leading energy organizations. For top talent, it’s an opportunity not to be missed.

Do your research, play to your strengths, and put your best foot forward in applying. With the right mix of technical expertise, leadership capabilities, cultural adaptability, and persistence, you can land your next career move at Saudi Aramco.

How To Appy For a Job at Aramco

how to fill out the Aramco job application and use their careers website:

Navigate the Careers Website

Saudi Aramco has an extensive careers website where all open positions are posted. You can browse and search for jobs here: or

The site has dedicated sections for students, recent graduates, and professional hires. Use the advanced search function to filter by job category, location, and more. 

When you find a position you want to apply for, click on it to open up the job posting. Carefully review all the details including responsibilities, required qualifications, and preferred skills. Also, research the department and team you'd be joining.

Set Up Your Profile

Before applying, you’ll need to create an account on the Saudi Aramco careers site. Click on the Register button to set up a profile. 

Provide details like your name, contact info, education, work experience, and other credentials. This will become your professional profile on the site. You can use it to manage applications and track application status.

Complete the Online Application

When ready, click the Apply button on the job posting to start the online application process. You'll be asked to provide information that includes:

– Personal details like name, contact info, nationality, etc.

– Education history including schools, majors, GPAs, etc. 

– Professional experience with employers, titles, responsibilities, projects, etc.

– Skills assessments indicating proficiency levels

– Answers to screening questions relevant to the role

– Motivational statements on why you are a fit

– Willingness to relocate to Saudi Arabia

The application may take 1-2 hours to fully complete. Be thorough, honest, and detailed in your responses. Triple-check for accuracy before submitting your application.

Follow Up on Your Application

After applying, you’ll receive an email confirmation from Aramco. Be sure to regularly check your application status on your profile. During the recruitment process, you may need to complete further screenings, interviews, assessments, and document submissions. Follow instructions closely and act promptly. With patience and persistence, you can successfully navigate Aramco's application process.


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