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How You Can Pay For Facebook Ads In Naira In Nigeria: A Simple Guide On Facebook Ads In Nigeria

How You Can Pay For Facebook Ads In Naira In Nigeria: A Simple Guide On Facebook Ads In Nigeria

Launching your Facebook Ads in Nigeria might be particularly difficult when you are about to pay for Facebook ads in Naira. Most Nigerian banks do not let you pay for your Facebook advertisement with your Niara credit or debit card.

Coupled with the current spending limit directives CBN placed on Naira cards regarding international transactions, this causes Facebook ads payment very difficult in Nigeria.


Therefore, you will not be able to pay for Facebook ads in Nigeria with your Naira Visa card, Verve card and Naira Mastercard.

This has caused a low return on investment for many businesses from Facebook ads in Nigeria


I just want to let you that This post is for you if you are living in Nigeria and you are looking for:

  • how to use your Naira Master or Visa card to pay for Facebook ads in Nigeria.
  • how you can create up your Facebook Ads Business account as a prepaid account.
  • how you can fund your Facebook ads account using the PayU payment system in Nigeria.
  • why did Facebook decline your naira card?
  • how can I add money to my Facebook ad manager/account?
  • how can I set up my Facebook ads Naira payment method in Nigeria?
  • how Do I pay for Facebook ads with a Naira debit card?
  • how Do I pay for Facebook ads using the PayU payment gateway?
  • Tips on how to properly set up Naara payment on Facebook

Which Set of People can benefit from this Article:

  • Media buyers
  • Business owners
  • Facebook page owners
  • Digital Marketers
  • Instagram account owners

What are the different kinds of Facebook Ads Account

Facebook has two types of ad accounts that are available to all Facebook advertisers:

  1. The Prepaid Facebook ad account: this Facebook Ad Account only permits advertisers to launch ads when they have already funded their ad account. 
  2. The Postpaid Facebook ad account: This Facebook Ad account permits advertisers to launch Facebook ads and then pay later after hitting their maximum billing point or they get billed at the end of each month.

How You Can Pay for Facebook Ads in Naira with Naira Debit Card From Nigeria

As an advertiser or a digital marketer living in Nigeria, you might have encountered the problem of Naira payment when running Facebook Ads at one point in time. I have had so many complaints from customers that came to me for consultations regarding paying in Naira for their Facebook ads in Nigeria.

Most of them accumulated debts in dollars after setting up Facebook ads and they could not pay the accumulated balance because their card was declined or they have reached the international spending limit of $100 monthly on most Nigerian Naira debit cards.

For you to be able to make payments in Nigeria for your Facebook ads in Nigeria, I will be revealing to you guide by guide steps on how to create your Facebook ad account plus how to make it a naira account which will permit you to use the local naira card payment option. 

Today You will know how to create your Facebook naira ad account easily and be able to pay for Facebook Ads In Nigeria using your local naira debit card.

NOTE: this FACEBOOK NAIRA AD ACCOUNT might not be shown to you if you have already had a Facebook dollar ads account active on your FACEBOOK ACCOUNT.

It is advisable to create your ads in the currency of the country where you live.

Making your Facebook ads run in naira is awesome if you are living in Nigeria because you are billed the exact cost you have spent running your Facebook ads campaign and there is no additional cost from the bogus exchange rate.

This enables you to suitably record your media expenses on Facebook ads. 

Detriments of Having A Dollar Facebook Ad Account for a Nigerian Advertiser

  1. The majority of naira debit cards have international spending limits placed on them by Nigerian banks
  2. Nigerian advertisers cannot run ads beyond the international spending limit placed by banks on Naira cards in Nigeria as directed by the Central Bank of Nigeria
  3. The naira to dollar exchange rate difference attracts unavoidable expenses
  4. It is challenging to account for the budget you have spent on Facebook Ads

Because of these disadvantages, lots of businesses that are based in Nigeria cannot run ads in Nigeria.

Therefore they employ the service of digital marketing agencies to run and manage their Facebook ads campaign. 

How To Build Your Facebook Ad and Pay for Facebook Ads in Nigeria using any ATM Debit Card

The first thing you need to do is to set the billing currency of your Facebook ads account to naira before executing this procedure.

Facebook has incorporated the PayU Nigeria payment gateway with the billing system of Facebook ads, thus making it absolutely effortless to pay for Facebook ads in Naira in Nigeria with your naira debit card.

STEP 1. Sign in or log in to your personal Facebook account.

How You Can Pay For Facebook Ads In Naira In Nigeria: A Stage-by-Stage Guide
  • Then, click on the “Add Payment Method” Button
  • Then tap to select local card
How You Can Pay For Facebook Ads In Naira In Nigeria: A Stage-by-Stage Guide
  • Then click on save or click on the “Next” button
  • Then enter in the amount in naira that you want to fund/credit your Facebook ads account with then click on the “Next” button
How You Can Pay For Facebook Ads In Naira In Nigeria: A Stage-by-Stage Guide
  • then Save

And this will open PayU interface before you.

  • then click on the “Continue” button
How You Can Pay For Facebook Ads In Naira In Nigeria: A Stage-by-Stage Guide
  • Save

And this will open a new interface where you will be required to input your card details. and Once this is done, click on the “Pay N4500.00″ (the amount in naira you are funding your Facebook As account with)

How You Can Pay For Facebook Ads In Naira In Nigeria: A Stage-by-Stage Guide
  • it will Save

Then select how you wish to receive your OTP code(One Time Password), and a generated code will be sent to the same phone number that you have linked to your bank account of that particular card you are using to make payment.

Or, you can use the hardware token alternative if you have a hardware token device already.

How You Can Pay For Facebook Ads In Naira In Nigeria: A Stage-by-Stage Guide
  • Save

Then you will have to tick “check the box to indicate that you have agreed with the information listed above” you have provided and click on the “Submit”.

Then input the OTP that was sent to your bank account linked mobile phone and click on the “Submit”.

And If this is successful, you will get a prompt “Success“ on your screen displaying the amount of the payment you have added plus the new balance. 

How You Can Pay For Facebook Ads In Naira In Nigeria: A Stage-by-Stage Guide
  • Save

Having successfully done this, you should be rest assured that you can now always pay for your Facebook ads in Naira hassle-free. Now you can operate a profitable enterprise in Nigeria.

Paying for Facebook Ads In Nigeria FAQs:

1. How can I pay in Naira for my Instagram Ads in Nigeria?

This is very easy. You just have to follow the pattern I just showed you with Facebook ads using your Facebook ads manager after connecting your Instagram account to your Facebook ad manager. 

2. How can I Make payment for Facebook ads in Naira with PayU?

By doing through the guide above you are okay to go with paying for your Facebook ads with PayU in Nigeria

Why is Facebook Ad declining my naira debit card?

The truth is, payment for Your Facebook ads will likely fail to go through if you are using the option of local card payment in Nigeria.

Because there is a limit placed on naira cards for international transactions by CBN.

Just set up a Facebook naira ad account following the pattern above and you are okay to begin your Facebook ads journey with no more card decline issues based on the spending limit on the naira debit card for international transactions.

Which Nigerian Banks Cards Are Recommended for Making Payment for Facebook Ads in Nigeria?

Based on personal experience with the banks I have used over time for my clients, below are the lists of the recommended bank that permits naira MasterCard for Facebook ads in Nigeria

  • GTBank Naira MasterCard
  • Zenith bank Naira MasterCard
  • UBA debit Naira MasterCard
  • Access Bank Naira Visa card
  • Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria
  • FCMBank card

These are the list of the Nigerian banks that authorises MasterCard on Facebook ads in Nigeria. you can use any one you prefer to pay for your Facebook ads in Nigeria

My Final Word On How To Pay for Facebook ads in Naira

With these step by step tutorials I have explained above on how to pay for Facebook ads in Naira, I am confident that you now are able to begin running your Facebook ads campaigns again without having any challenges with spending limits by banks or issues related to debit card getting declined.

You can also leave a comment below if you are looking to work with a Nigerian Digital Marketing agency to handle your Facebook ads while you are focusing on other business operations and someone will get in touch with you asap.

I believe you got value here via this guide! And please Do not hold back, be generous by sharing this article with your friends who are entrepreneurs.

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