Only PDP has solution to Nigeria’s problems: Funke Akindele


Funke Akindele: Only PDP has Solution to Nigeria's Problems

The Nollywood Actress's Political Activism

Nollywood actress and filmmaker Funke Akindele has been very vocal in her political advocacy for Nigeria, expressing her insistence that the People's Democratic Party (PDP) is the only solution to the country's major problems.

In recent public events and press interviews, Akindele has passionately championed the political agenda of the PDP by pointing out their major contributions to the country's progress and their long standing record of positive results. She cites the economic growth, reduced social exclusion and increased access to education during the reign of the party.


Akindele has argued that the current administration of the All Progressives Congress (APC) can not be expected to resolve the multiple issues the country is facing, such as corruption, insecurity, poverty and unemployment. She emphasizes that it is only through the Peoples Democratic Party that lasting and effective solutions can be found.

Akindele states that the PDP has:

  • A long standing history of reducing corruption in the public sector.
  • A commitment to eradicating poverty and unemployment.
  • Robust and effective policies and frameworks that ensure long-term sustainability.
  • Philippative and responsible leadership that upholds the rule of law.

Furthermore, she argues that the PDP is committed to protecting the rights of citizens, as well as addressing the deep-rooted causes of insecurity, inequality and lack of access to quality education and health care.

Akindele concludes by remarking that PDP is the only party with the capacity to tackle Nigeria's issues and bring true progress. She encourages citizens to get involved and participate in the party's activities to ensure that the country is in the best possible hands.
In recent months, the popular actress Funke Akindele has been making waves as a result of her political statements. The award-winning film star has come out in strong support of the People's Democratic Party (PDP) saying that only they have the solutions to Nigeria's problems.

Speaking during an interview, Funke Akindele said “I think it's time to change the game and I believe the PDP is the one to do it. From the problems of insecurity, the economy, poverty, and so many other things, I believe the PDP has the solutions”. She went on to say that the PDP has what it takes to make the difference that Nigeria needs.

The actress, who is also popularly known as ‘Jenifa', went on to express her conviction that the PDP can bring about the much-needed reform in the country. She said that the PDP understands the plight of the common man and is willing to make the necessary changes to improve the lives of Nigerians.

The actress's support for the PDP is seen by many as a sign of the growing influence of the party in the country. In the 2019 general elections, the PDP was the major opposition party and made spectacular gains, no doubt a sign of the party's increased popularity.

It is clear that Funke Akindele agrees that only the PDP can bring the progress Nigeria desperately needs. With her support, the PDP's chance of winning the upcoming elections seem quite assured.