PDP to petition SSS over attacks on supporters in Lagos


PDP to Petition SSS Over Attacks on Supporters in Lagos

The People's Democratic Party (PDP) leadership has resolved to petition the State Security Service (SSS) over attacks on its supporters in Lagos.

The PDP was responding to reports of its members being attacked and beaten by thugs in a rally earlier in the week. The thugs were reportedly hired by political opponents of the PDP.


Reactions from PDP Leadership

The PDP leadership has expressed outrage over the attacks and has called for an investigation. It has also demanded that the government take action against those responsible for the violence.

Leader of the PDP in Lagos, Tajudeen Olaleye, has condemned the attack and stated that the PDP will not stand for such acts of violence.
He has also stated that the PDP will take legal action if the government fails to take action.


Why the PDP Is Taking Action

The PDP believes that it is important to protect its supporters and that the government must act quickly to ensure such attacks are discouraged in the future.

The PDP also believes that the attacks are a sign of intolerance of opposing ideologies and views, which is counter to the democratic principles of Nigeria.

What the PDP Is Doing to Protect Supporters

The PDP is launching an awareness campaign to inform its supporters of their rights and to ensure that they know what to do to protect themselves in the future.

The party has also set up a legal team to work on cases involving attacks on their supporters.

In addition, the PDP will be petitioning the SSS to investigate the recent attacks on their members and to ensure that those responsible are brought to justice.

The PDP has also called on all members of the political opposition to take steps to ensure that their supporters are protected from these attacks.


The PDP is taking action to ensure the safety of its supporters following recent attacks in Lagos. The party is launching an awareness campaign and petitioning the SSS to investigate the attacks and bring those responsible to justice.

The PDP has also called on the government and political opponents to take steps to ensure that violence against PDP supporters does not occur in the future.
The People's Democratic Party (PDP) has announced that it will file a petition to the State Security Services (SSS) over recent reports of violent attacks against its supporters in Lagos state.

The party's call comes after numerous reports of supporters of the People's Democratic Party being violently attacked by those suspected to be members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in various parts of the State. The PDP released a statement on Wednesday in which they condemned the attacks, saying they have escalated to a point where PDP supporters are too afraid to openly express their political views and convictions.

The PDP further said that the “unlawful and heartless attacks” had created an atmosphere of fear and intimidation that was not acceptable in a modern, democratic society. They demanded that the SSS take immediate action to ensure the safety and freedom of expression of PDP supporters in Lagos state.

The party noted that the attacks had caused “not only physical injuries and trauma to the victims, but also deep psychological and emotional scars”. They promised to file a formal petition to the SSS demanding that the perpetrators of the attacks be brought to justice.

The PDP also said that it would hold protests in Lagos and other parts of the country to further raise public awareness about the issue. The party hopes that the actions of the SSS will show that violence in politics will not be tolerated, and that every Nigerian citizen is entitled to their fundamental rights.