I’ll ensure Igbos produce next president if I’m elected: Atiku

Atiku Promises to Ensure that an Igbo Wins Next Presidency

Atiku Abubakar, the presidential candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), has declared that if he is elected president he will strive to ensure that an Igbo man is voted into the office of the president in the next general election in Nigeria.

Atiku's Remarks

Speaking to a group of Igbo youth leaders in Lagos on Tuesday 10th July 2019, Atiku said:

As President of the Federal Republic, I will be doing my utmost to ensure that an Igbo person is elected as President in the next election. It is imperative that you challenge and encourage the youth of the Igbo nation, that they should prepare to step up to the mark: to be the person that will be the next President of Nigeria.

Atiku’s promise is the latest in a string of commitments from leading contenders in the 2019 Nigerian presidential race indicating an improved willingness to empower the nation’s Igbo people who, for many decades, have felt like second-class citizens in their own country.

Atiku's Commitment

Atiku made a wholehearted commitment to the Igbo people; he went on to promise:

  • To ensure the completion of all federal projects currently underway that are within the Igbo-speaking states of Nigeria,
  • To promote the development of markets and agricultural irrigation systems within Igbo-speaking regions,
  • To implement policies that guarantee access to free and quality education at all levels and
  • To create environment that enables economic growth in the region.

Atiku’s campaign team has conducted similar meetings with Niger Delta groups and other marginalized regions with an aim of building a more inclusive and equitable Nigeria.

The People's Reaction

Atiku’s promise has received a positive response from Igbo groups and other stakeholders across the nation. This gesture has been well received as a sign of the PDP candidate's determination to put changes in motion that would bring the Igbo people into the center stage of national political discourse.

It is encouraging to see candidates for the nation's highest office making such statements about the Igbo people. We can only hope for a better and brighter future for all.

Indeed, this was Atiku's promise and by the grace of God we are looking forward to it becoming a reality.
The former Vice President of Nigeria, Atiku Abubakar, has declared his ambition to run for President come 2019 in a move to ensure the Igbo people produce the next president of the country.

Atiku and the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) declared their intention to run in February, 2019. Atiku stressed that all of Nigeria would benefit if the Igbos produce the next President. He made this statement during a meeting he had with the South East Organizing Council of PDP in Abuja.

Atiku attested to his commitment to bringing development and improving the state of the economy, while emphasizing that the Igbos should not be excluded from enjoying the benefits of his leadership. He also provided assurances that the PDP government would not change their policy of recognizing the former Biafran struggle; which had been a fear of many in the region.

In addition, Atiku indicated his intention to extend the much needed federal presence to the Igbos, by ensuring that their region experiences progressive growth, and is treated as an integral part of Nigeria. He further showed his dedication towards uniting the country by allocating funds to bring peace and stability to areas of conflict and promote peace building measures.

Atiku’s ambition to run for president, coupled with his major commitment to making sure that the Igbos do not feel excluded from enjoying the full benefits of the presidency, have been received with immense support from the Igbo people. His sincerity to promote equality and fairness, and to ensure that the Igbo people are allowed a fair share of their due share, has been taken with open arms by the people of their region.

Overall, Atiku’s ambition and commitment for the Igbo people to produce the next president of the country has been welcomed by many people across the country. His determination to bring about a united and prosperous Nigeria, within which the Igbo people can thrive, is wholeheartedly supported by the nation, and will definitely go a long way in achieving the best outcome for all Nigerians.