Peter Obi can’t win; supported by mediocres, Labour PParty South-West chair says after crossing into APC


Peter Obi “Cannot Win” Says LP Southwest Chair After Joining APC

The political scene in the southwestern region of Nigeria has undergone a significant development following the recent move by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Chairman of the Southwest region, Oladimeji Faboyede, to join the All Progressives Congress (APC). In a recent statement released by Faboyede, it has been noted that the move is set to help the party gain a sufficient amount of support in the region to ensure victory in the upcoming presidential elections.

Faboyede has also been especially vocal on the chances of PDP’s Vice-Presidential candidate, Peter Obi, to succeed in the elections. In a series of remarks by the LP Southwest chair, it has been made clear that Peter Obi is not likely to win due to the number of “mediocrity” surrounding him.


It is believed that Faboyede’s move to the APC is proof of the vast potential he sees in the party, to take over the South-West political landscape.

Mid-Level Mediocrity is Blocking Peter Obi's Success

Faboyede has attributed the “mid-level mediocrity” surrounding Peter Obi, as the reason why the PDP candidate is not likely to succeed in the upcoming elections. This is in reference to various members of the PDP political support in the Southwest whom Faboyede believes do not have the proper skills or abilities to help Peter Obi to win.


The statements made by Faboyede have caused quite a stir in the region, with many members of the PDP voicing their concerns over the implications they may have on the future of their party. Nonetheless, many believe that the statement highlights an important issue which needs to be addressed by the party.

Takeaways About Peter Obi's Prospects

Though the fate of Peter Obi is still uncertain at this point, recent statements by the LP Southwest chair have certainly raised important questions about the future of the PDP in the region. Faboyede’s strong words are a clear indication that the PDP needs to address the lack of sufficient political support for Peter Obi in order to ensure success in the upcoming elections.

Given the evidence so far, here are the three main takeaways:

  • Peter Obi might not win the upcoming presidential elections. Faboyede believes that the “mid-level mediocrity” surrounding Peter Obi is an obstacle to success.
  • The PDP needs to reassess their strategies in the Southwest. Faboyede’s decision to join the APC suggests that there is potential for the APC to gain more support in the region.
  • The overall fate of the PDP in the region is uncertain. Until the PDP takes decisive steps to address the problems faced, the fate of the party in the region remains uncertain.

The chairman of the Labour Party in South-West, Dr. Malik Bolaji has declared that the former Governor of Anambra State, Peter Obi will not win if he moves to the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).

Bolaji made this comment after his recent defection to the ruling party which he said is to add value to it. According to him, no matter how experienced and good Peter Obi is, he can never win the presidential election because of the uninspiring set of people that APC parades.

He further noted that APC is full of mediocres that lack vision, ambition and leadership savvy; thereby underscoring the fact that any political player that falls victim to its clasps will soon become irrelevant.

This statement by Bolaji reiterates the fact that it takes the right people to drive a serious agenda and the ruling party has failed miserably in its bid to attract competent and experienced hands. Hence, Obi’s desire to move to the APC is doomed for failure.

Dr. Bolaji urged the government of President Muhammadu Buhari to put an end to the era of mediocrity amongst the ruling party and put competent professionals in charge of swaying the government’s agenda in the right direction.

In conclusion, Bolaji emphatically stated that no matter how experienced and astute Peter Obi is, he cannot make it far in an environment full of people that lack true capacity.

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source: Gazzette