Nigerian Election Holiday: Kwara State gifts students 50% transport fare to return home to vote.


Kwara Announces Election Holiday for Students

Kwara State has announced a special Election Holiday for students, giving them the opportunity to return home free of cost, or at a reduced fare of 50%.

Students Benefit from Election Holiday Offer

The Election Holiday was announced by the State government in an effort to encourage students to take part in the on-going political elections. All students will benefit from the holiday, regardless of where they are studying. The offer includes students studying in tertiary institutions within and outside the state.


Requesting a Ticket Home

Students interested in taking advantage of the Election Holiday must contact their Local Government for their transport fare. Upon request, their Local Government will issue tickets for them to go back home and enjoy the election holiday.

Election Preparations

Kwara State has also taken other steps to ensure that student elections are conducted in a free, fair and credible manner. To achieve this, student unions have been requested to carry out awareness campaigns in their respective campuses. During the election holiday, students will have an opportunity to participate in these campaigns, to inform peers and raise awareness amongst them about the upcoming election.


Key Points

To summarise, here are the key points about the Election Holiday:


    • Kwara State has announced an Election Holiday for students.


    • All students – regardless of where they are studying – can benefit from the offer.


    • Tickets must be requested from the Local Government in order to enjoy the reward.


    • Students are encouraged to participate in election awareness campaigns.


The Election Holiday initiative is an example of Kwara's commitment to promoting students' participation in the electoral process. By providing students with free or discounted transport fares, the government is lowering the barriers to civic participation and giving more students the opportunity to take part in the democratic process.

Kwara State in Nigeria recently announced an election holiday to give students an opportunity to travel home to participate in upcoming elections. To promote participation, the state government has graciously offered to cover 50% of transport fares for students to return to their hometowns and register to vote.

This initiative is part of an effort to increase citizen engagement in the electoral process. Student population, particularly at tertiary institutions, is a major voting bloc and empowering them to participate in the process is seen as a positive step in promoting democracy and encouraging good citizenship.

The news of this thoughtful initiative was welcomed by students from all walks of life, who now have the opportunity to participate in the upcoming elections and contribute to the formation of a government that works for citizen welfare. It is expected to be especially beneficial for rural students who may not otherwise have the resources to participate in the electoral process.

State Governer, Abdulfatah Ahmed, stressed the need for citizens to participate in the elections and noted that youth engagement is particularly important in driving progress. He further stated that the student population is an integral part of Kwara State's plan to move forward together with the citizens.

Kwara State's election holiday offer is a generous show of support to the students of the state and underscores its commitment to the democratic process. The initiative is seen as a pathway to a more vibrant citizen involvement in the democratic process and serves as a reminder that voting is one of the most potent tool citizens can use to effect positive change.

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