Nigeria Air Scandal: Reps Accuse Officials of Fraud, Call for Immediate Prosecution

The House of Representatives Committee on Aviation has accused the previous administration of fraud in the unveiling of Nigeria Air and has demanded that those involved be prosecuted. During an interactive session with government officials and relevant bodies in the aviation sector, the committee reached several resolutions, which were read by the Chairman, Nnolim Nnaji.

The committee called for the suspension of the establishment of Nigeria Air and criticized the former Minister of Aviation, Hadi Sirika, for proceeding with the launch despite a standing court injunction and without a plan to sustain the airline's operations. Ethiopian Airlines was also criticized for its role in the process, which was seen as detrimental to Nigeria and the local aviation industry.

The committee described the entire process as opaque, shrouded in secrecy, and capable of tarnishing Nigeria's image internationally. They emphasized that the National Assembly had no involvement in the purported launch of Nigeria Air.

While the committee expressed support for the idea of a National Carrier, they emphasized the need for transparency and inclusivity in the process. They resolved to direct the Federal Ministry of Aviation and its partners in the Nigeria Air project to suspend all flight operations and other related actions. They urged President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to form a high-level Presidential Committee to review the entire project and provide guidance to the government. The committee also called for the prosecution and sanctioning of all individuals, groups, or organizations involved in the controversial Nigeria Air Take-Off.

Additionally, the committee advised the Federal Ministry of Aviation, in collaboration with the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), to designate Nigerian Indigenous Airlines as Flag Carriers to take advantage of bilateral air services agreements. This designation would be in effect until a viable National Carrier is established.

In conclusion, the committee suggested that the Nigerian government and its citizens raise the required funds of $250,000,000 to start the airline without subjecting themselves to the ridicule brought about by the recent episode. They recommended that the new administration consider this approach.

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What I saw using the fly Nigeria Air website

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