Is Adulthood a scam? How to be an adult with these 15 things every grown-up should own

Is Adulthood a scam? How to be an adult with these 15 things every grown-up should own

Becoming an adult is not just about the number of years you’ve lived, but rather living a certain way and owning certain things. Here are 15 things every grown-up should own: 

1. A good watch: Wearing a good watch is an easy way to appear more mature and responsible.

2. A reliable wallet: A good wallet is important for keeping your bills organised and secure.

3. Sleek dress shoes: Dress shoes are an essential part of any grown-up wardrobe.

4. Quality trainers: Quality trainers can be a great way to add a bit of style and comfort to your wardrobe.

5. Versatile luggage: Investing in quality luggage is a good way to make travel a breeze.

6. A more mature gym bag: A proper gym bag can help you look and feel more mature when you’re working out.

7. T-shirts that fit: Wearing clothes that fit you well is a great way to look more mature and put-together.

8. Dress shirts that fit: Investing in dress shirts that fit you well is an easy way to look more professional.

9. A trusty set of kitchen knives: Investing in a good set of kitchen knives is essential for any home chef.

10. Matching silverware and stemware: Having matching silverware and stemware can make a meal look more elegant and sophisticated.

11. A full set of pots and pans: Having a full set of pots and pans is essential for any kitchen.

12. Non-toxic bedroom sheets: Investing in non-toxic sheets is important for your health and well-being.

13. Comfortable, quality pillows: Quality pillows are a great way to make sure you get a good night’s sleep.

14. Live greenery: Adding some live greenery to your home can add a touch of nature and sophistication.

15. Kitchen knife and cutting board: Having a good kitchen knife and cutting board is important for any home cook.

is adulthood a scam?

Adulthood is not necessarily a scam. It can be a time of growth and development when you are able to take control of your life and make decisions for yourself. It can also bring with it more responsibility and financial obligations, but these can be managed with the right planning and preparation. Ultimately, adulthood is what you make of it, and it is possible to make it a positive experience.

Why is adulthood looking like a scam?

Adulthood has come to be viewed as a scam because of the increasing financial burden that many young adults are facing. With the cost of living rising and wages stagnating, it can feel like a struggle to make ends meet. In addition, the traditional markers of adulthood such as buying a house, getting married, and having children seem to be slipping further out of reach for many young adults. This can make it difficult to feel like you are achieving the traditional milestones of adulthood.

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