how to convert your dollar to naira in various banks in Nigeria

how to convert your dollar to naira in various banks in Nigeria
how to convert your dollar to naira in various banks in Nigeria


Converting foreign currencies, especially dollars, to the local currency which is the Nigerian Naira, is a common transaction in Nigeria. With a population of over 200 million people, a growing middle class, and vast economic potential, Nigeria has become an investment destination for foreign businesses and investors.

A rising number of foreigners visit Nigeria for business and leisure. Expatriates take up employment opportunities in the country. Foreign companies invest in the economy and require conversion of dollars and other foreign currencies to Naira for local expenses. For all these categories of people, currency exchange from dollar to Naira is an essential requirement.

Nigeria’s banking system provides the infrastructure for currency exchange. The top banks have a dominant presence across the country with extensive branch networks and online platforms. These banks offer competitive exchange rates for dollar to Naira transactions.

This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to convert USD to NGN in the leading Nigerian banks.

Requirements for Dollar to Naira Exchange

The requirements for exchanging dollars to Naira are straightforward. You need:

  • Dollar cash, traveler's checks, or wire transfer into a dollar account
  • Nigerian Naira bank account
  • Valid identification such as national ID, driver's license, or passport
  • Completed transaction forms as required by each bank

The exchange process is easier if you already have a Naira account with the bank. The converted Naira is deposited directly into your account. Without an existing account, you can open a new one with the bank or receive the Naira cash over the counter.

Exchange Rate and Charges

The exchange rate varies on a daily basis depending on demand and supply of dollars in the foreign exchange market. The banks use the interbank exchange rate as a benchmark and add a small margin to set their own exchange rates.

The banks have different charges and commission structures for dollar to Naira transactions. The charges range from 1% to 4% of the exchange amount. Some banks offer discounted rates for larger transactions above a set threshold. Taxes and fees are also applicable on currency exchanges above certain limits.

It is advised to check the exchange rate and charges at different banks to get the best deal. You can easily find the latest rates online on the bank websites or visit a branch to inquire.

Guide for Major Nigerian Banks

Let us go through the step-by-step process for converting dollars to Naira at the prominent Nigerian banks.

GTBank Dollar to Naira Exchange

GTBank is the largest bank in Nigeria with an extensive branch network across the country. The processes for USD to NGN exchange at GTBank are:

Step 1) Visit any GTBank branch near you or the dedicated FOREX desks in major branches.

Step 2) Fill out the Mandate for Purchase of Foreign Currency form and submit your dollar cash, checks, or wire transfer proof.

Step 3) Provide valid identification document.

Step 4) The teller will verify the amount and transfer it to GTBank's Treasury Department for currency conversion.

Step 5) You will receive a text notification when the Naira amount is ready for collection.

Step 6) Collect the Naira cash over the counter or direct deposit into your account.

Step 7) Pay any applicable charges based on GTBank's published FOREX rates and fees.

First Bank of Nigeria Dollar to Naira Exchange

FirstBank is another leading commercial bank in Nigeria with over 750 business locations. Follow these steps to exchange your dollars for Naira at FirstBank:

Step 1) Take your dollars in cash or checks to any FirstBank branch.

Step 2) Request a FOREX transaction for dollar to naira exchange.

Step 3) Complete a Customer Foreign Currency Domiciliation form.

Step 4) Submit your dollar documents along with ID and verification.

Step 5) The bank will convert the USD to NGN at the prevailing exchange rate.

Step 6) You can collect the Naira amount immediately over the counter.

Step 7) If you have a FirstBank account, the money can be directly credited after currency conversion.

Step 8) Pay the applicable FOREX charges and fees.

Access Bank Dollar to Naira Exchange

Access Bank has quickly grown to become one of the five largest banks in Nigeria with worldwide operations. Here is how to exchange dollars for Naira at Access Bank:

Step 1) Go to an Access Bank branch and ask for FOREX desk or account officer.

Step 2) Fill out the Instruction Form for Purchase of Foreign Currency.

Step 3) Submit dollar cash, traveler's checks or foreign currency drafts along with the form.

Step 4) Provide valid ID proof and other KYC documents if required.

Step 5) Access Bank will convert the USD to Naira at prevailing rate and minus charges.

Step 6) You can collect the Naira amount over the counter immediately.

Step 7) If you have an Access Bank Naira account, funds can be transferred directly upon request.

FCMB Bank Dollar to Naira Exchange

FCMB is a prominent financial institution in Nigeria with over 200 branches. Here are the steps to convert dollar to Naira at FCMB Bank:

Step 1) Visit any FCMB branch and ask for FOREX service desk.

Step 2) Complete the Buyers Form for transactions above $10,000 and Buyers Declaration Form for smaller amounts.

Step 3) Submit your dollar cash or checks along with the forms.

Step 4) Provide valid ID proof and other documents as required.

Step 5) FCMB will process the conversion of USD to NGN at prevailing exchange rate.

Step 6) Pay any applicable charges depending on amount.

Step 7) Obtain the Naira amount immediately at the counter or by transfer to account.

Other Major Banks

Apart from the top banks covered above, there are several other commercial banks in Nigeria that allow dollar to Naira exchange. The leading ones include Zenith Bank, UBA, Sterling Bank, Union Bank and Stanbic IBTC Bank.

The processes are similar involving submission of dollar cash or transfers, ID proof, and FOREX transaction forms at the bank branch. The exchange rates and charges may differ slightly across the banks. It is best to compare rates of different banks before selecting one for your Naira exchange.

Things to Know About Dollar to Naira Transactions

Here are some useful pointers for dollar to Naira conversions at Nigerian banks:

  • Rates fluctuate frequently – check exchange rate on same day for best deals.
  • Cash exchanges have lower charges compared to transfers and card transactions.
  • Amounts over $10,000 require additional forms and documentation.
  • Take ID card, passport, driver's license or national ID card for identification.
  • Banks offer competitive rates compared to airport kiosks and hotels.
  • Online banking platforms also allow USD to NGN exchanges.
  • Black market locations provide exchange services but have higher risks.

Conclusion on how to convert your dollar to naira in various banks in Nigeria

Nigerian banks offer a structured and regulated mechanism for foreigners and locals to convert their dollar earnings and transfers into the local Naira currency. The leading banks have transparent FOREX exchange processes, competitive rates, and widespread presence across the country.

Understanding the requirements, exchange rates, charges, and procedures at major banks enables you to get the optimal deals for your dollar to Naira transactions. A little research about the latest exchange rates can help maximize your Naira returns. Utilize the services of reputable banks to exchange dollars safely and efficiently.

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