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Video: Woman Tired of Screaming Kids Wants Safe Haven in Child-Free Neighborhoods

Video: Woman Tired of Screaming Kids Wants Safe Haven in Child-Free Neighborhoods

A woman, known as Baby Soja on TikTok and as an actor, has advocated for the creation of child-free suburbs. She says there should be designated areas where people who don't like children can enjoy peace and quiet. In a viral video, Soja, who lives in Melbourne, Australia, expressed frustration with having to put up with children everywhere she goes, such as at a pool where they were jumping and screaming.

The video received over a quarter of a million views and elicited mixed reactions, with some people taking issue with the idea while others, including parents, supported it. In a subsequent video, Soja described the original TikTok as a joke she made in the car park of a gym, but acknowledged the need for adult-only spaces for both those without children and for parents needing a break. Watch the video below


Sick of Kids Everywhere: Woman Calls for Adult-Only Suburbs

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