Tinubu promises to complete Kolmani oil exploration if elected president

Tinubu Promises to Complete Kolmani Oil Exploration If Elected President

What Stands to be Gained from Exploration?

The exploration of oil reserves in Kolmani is a major undertaking that has the potential to bring immense wealth and investment to the region. If successful, it could completely transform the primary sectors of a region by supplying vitally needed resources and materials for many industries.

Tinubu's Promises

The All Progressives Congress presidential candidate Bola Tinubu has promised to complete the exploration of oil reserves located in Kolmani if he is elected president. Tinubu made this promise while speaking on the campaign trail in Edo State.

He noted that this exploration would help to create jobs, boost economic development and in turn, increase the tax revenues. He also noted that it would allow Nigeria to become more self-sufficient in terms of energy, while dramatically reducing its reliance on foreign oil imports.

Details of the Plan

Tinubu has outlined a plan to ensure the successful implementation of this project. The plan includes:

  • Investment: He has proposed large-scale investment into oil exploration and production, in order to make the most of this potential resource.
  • Training: Tinubu has also proposed training for local people to enable them to take part in this project and develop skill sets related to engineering, oil, and gas development.
  • Support: Foreign experts of global standing will be provided with the necessary resources and support to efficiently carry out the exploration.


The project to explore the oil reserves of Kolmani is an ambitious undertaking that could bring immense economic, financial, and social benefits to the region. Tinubu has shown his commitment to this project by promising to complete it if he is elected president. His proposed plan for its successful completion involves large-scale investment, along with training and support for local people, foreign experts, and other stakeholders.
Today, the All Progressives Congress's presidential candidate, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, has made a bold promise to the people of Nigeria. During his campaign, he held a rally in the state of Kaduna and made the commitment to complete the remaining oil exploration works in the Kolmani River if elected president.

The Kolmani River, which is located in the Gongola State of Nigeria, is an important source of oil and gas. However, its potential has largely gone untapped due to difficulties in obtaining capital investments and security issues.

Tinubu has pledged to use his extensive experience in the oil and gas industry to resolve these issues and develop Kolmani’s oil reserves. Furthermore, he has promised to create a fund that will be used to “back the exploration and ensure its success.” Tinubu has also set a timeline of two years for the completion of the venture if elected president.

In addition, Tinubu has assured the people of Nigeria that he will ensure that the exploration process is done in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner.

The promise of Tinubu has been met with enthusiasm in the Gongola State of Nigeria, as the successful completion of Kolmani oil exploration will bring economic development and job opportunities in the region. With the oil and gas industry being a significant contributor to the Nigerian economy, the successful exploration of Kolmani is hailed as a great step for the improvement of Nigeria’s economy and its people.

Therefore, it is expected that with Tinubu in power, the promise of Kolmani oil exploration will be fulfilled and its potential unlocked.