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The US State of Maryland just elected their First Black American Governor

The US State of Maryland just elected their First Black American Governor

History was made in the US State of Maryland as they elected their first Black American Governor. This is a huge step forward for the state and for the country as a whole.

According to AP News, Wes Moore, a Democrat and American politician, has been elected Maryland's first Black governor, defeating Republican Dan Cox by a margin of 2-1. The result on Tuesday October 8, as reported by AP News, indicates that Moore prevailed against Republican Dan Cox, becoming the first Black governor of Maryland. In addition to being a best-selling author and former CEO of Robin Hood, a leading anti-poverty organisation, Wes Moore is also the third Black governor to be elected in American history.


When giving his victory oration, Moore referenced his “leave no one behind” slogan, saying, “When I led soldiers into battle in Afghanistan as an army captain, we adhered to a simple principle: leave no one behind. We lifted each other up and helped each other out. Real patriotism is about uniting people. It is about supporting one another and improving each other’s lives.”

Aruna Miller[Moore's running mate] also made history as the lieutenant governor of Maryland, becoming the first immigrant to win the position. After two terms as a Republican governor, Larry Hogan, one of the nation's most beloved governors in Maryland, the governorship has returned to Democrats. Only Douglas Wilder of Virginia and Deval Patrick among Black governors have been elected in the country's 246-year history.


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