Supporters want 90-year-old president Biya to run for another term


Biya Supporters Blasts Critics as He Announces He Will Run for Another Term

Paul Biya, Cameroon’s controversial 90-year-old president, has said he will run for a seventh consecutive term this October, blasting most of his critics.

Rallying Support from His Fans

As the longest-serving leader in Central Africa and currently in office for 37 years, his supporters have rallied around him, claiming that despite his aging body, his mind remains strong and he is still the best choice for the country.


The Fako Media Producer-based group known as Fako Pro has issued a statement saying, “Paul Biya will lead Cameroon successfully in his seventh term if he is allowed to finish his work.”

Unprecedented Opposition

The opposition to Biya’s rule has been unprecedented. In November 2019, a massive protest condemning his government took place in the capital city of Yaoundé, with tens of thousands of people taking part in a march to the presidential palace.


Many view Biya as an autocrat who has grown increasingly authoritarian in his rule, consolidating power by cracking down on the media, human rights activists, and civil society.

Supporters Show Unwavering Support

Despite the criticisms leveled against the president, his supporters remain unwavering in their support and have accused his opponents of simply wanting to seize power.

Many have expressed their enthusiasm for their leader’s decision to run for another term via social media.

In addition, there have been several pro-Biya rallies organized in the country to show their support for the president.

Critics Continue to Speak Out

Critics of Biya’s rule have called for him to step down and allow for new, younger leaders to take the reins. They have argued that 37 years of the same leadership is a recipe for disaster and the leader’s advanced age is a major risk to the country’s future.

Many feel that Biya is only running again to remain in power and to protect his own interests. They also point out that Biya has made no meaningful reforms in his lengthy rule, and has failed to address social inequalities and poverty.

Time will tell if Paul Biya succeeds in his mission, but one thing is clear: the debate between his supporters and critics is far from over.
Cameroon's President Paul Biya is set to become the oldest sitting president in the world in October, having assumed power more than 37 years ago. As his 90th birthday approaches, supporters of the 86-year-old president are calling for him to run for another term and remain in power beyond his current 7-year mandate.

The calls for President Biya to remain in office come from many of his core supporters, including those of the ruling Cameroon People's Democratic Movement (CPDM) party. They point to his extensive experience and contributions in the political arena, as well as his commitment to making the country a better place. Additionally, some supporters fear that Biya’s successor may actually be weaker than the president and be unable to effectively govern the country.

The president has not yet declared his intentions to run or not to run and is under no legal obligation to do so. In fact, Biya rarely speaks publicly and is often referred to as the ‘Silent President' even by his supporters.

The real question remains: will President Biya choose to run for another term? Only time will tell, though many Cameroonians have voiced their support for him and it is likely that he will take their opinions into consideration.

Recently, the president has been focused on ensuring the country’s democratic transition and strengthening its educational system. As he works to make these changes, Biya will also be determining his future as president of Cameroon.