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Monterey Park Shooting: 26-Year-Old Brandon Tsay’s Heroic Actions Prevent Further Loss of Life [Video]

Monterey Park Shooting: 26-Year-Old Brandon Tsay's Heroic Actions Prevent Further Loss of Life [Video]

Monterey Park Shooting: This morning, an astonishing surveillance video was released showing the moment a brave good Samaritan tackled the California dance club mass shooter Huu Can Tran and grabbed his semi-automatic assault pistol, even when he was sure he was about to die doing this. The pulse-pounding footage of the heroic act was captured by surveillance cameras at the Lai Lai Ballroom & Studio in Monterey Park, California, where the mass shooting occurred on Saturday night.

Brandon Tsay, a 26-year-old computer coder, is credited with preventing further violence by subduing the gunman before he could kill more people. Tsay reported to Good Morning America that he paid no attention to the sound of the ballroom door closing, but was startled when it was immediately followed by the noise of metal objects clinking together. It was at this point that he spotted the gunman, 72-year-old Huu Can Tran, who was holding a gun.

Monterey Park Shooting: 26-Year-Old Brandon Tsay's Heroic Actions Prevent Further Loss of Life [Video]

Tsay said he fought back to save lives even though he was certain he would die. He acknowledged that it was necessary to confiscate the weapon and render it harmless, otherwise everyone would be doomed, he stated. The video showed Tsay was alone when fighting off the shooter and was not helped by any other hero, as officials initially thought.

Tsay said he lunged at the gunman with both hands, grabbed the weapon, and they had a struggle to get control of the gun. Tran was hitting Tsay across the face, especially in the back of his head, but Tsay was eventually able to point the gun at him and shouted: “Get the hell out here! I’ll shoot! Get away! Go!” Tran retreated and hastened to his van, Tsay simultaneously contacted the police and retained possession of Tran's firearm.


Sheriff Luna of Los Angeles County confirmed that the killer was neutralized by a hero at the second location who “saved lives,” Tsay, who was left with injuries and in shock, but grateful to be alive.

Eleven people were killed in the shooting and many more were injured. Tsay’s heroic act is being hailed as an example of courage in the face of fear and tragedy. His father, Tom Tsay, said, “He’s.

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