How to watch Bob Hearts Abishola: Where to watch Bob Hearts Abishola Season 4

How to watch Bob Hearts Abishola: Where to watch Bob Hearts Abishola
How to watch Bob Hearts Abishola: Where to watch Bob Hearts Abishola

How to watch Bob Hearts Abishola: Where to watch Bob Hearts Abishola

Bob Hearts Abishola is an American sitcom that premiered on CBS in 2019. The show stars Billy Gardell and Folake Olowofoyeku as the title characters, Bob and Abishola, who fall in love after Bob has a heart attack and Abishola, a nurse, cares for him in the hospital.

The show has been renewed for a fourth season in 2022, so new episodes will continue to air in 2023. Here is a guide on how and where you can watch Bob Hearts Abishola in 2023:


Watch Bob Hearts Abishola on CBS

Bob Hearts Abishola airs on CBS, so you can watch new episodes as they premiere live on the CBS television network. New episodes air on Monday nights at 8:30 PM ET / 8 PM CT.

If you have a cable TV package that includes CBS, you can watch new episodes as they air on your TV. Just tune in to your local CBS station at the time the show airs.


The Bob Hearts Abishola season 4  premiered in late September or early October 2022. So you can watch the new season as it airs live on CBS at that time.

Catch Up with Bob Hearts Abishola on Paramount+

If you want to get caught up on past and new episodes of Bob Hearts Abishola or re-watch older episodes, you can stream the show on Paramount+.

Paramount+ has all past seasons of Bob Hearts Abishola available on-demand, so you can watch every episode anytime you want. The streaming service has a huge library of CBS shows.

You can sign up for Paramount+ for either $4.99 per month with ads, or $9.99 per month ad-free. You can watch Paramount+ on smart TVs, mobile devices, web browsers, and various streaming devices like Roku, Fire TV, and Apple TV.

Stream Bob Hearts Abishola on Hulu

Past and new episodes of Bob Hearts Abishola are also available to watch and streaming on Hulu. Hulu has an agreement with CBS to carry many of its shows.

On Hulu, you can find the latest episodes of Bob Hearts Abishola season 4 to stream on-demand after they air on CBS. Hulu typically adds new episodes the day after they air.

Hulu’s basic plan starts at $7.99 per month. You can add on live TV for access to CBS to watch new episodes as they air. Hulu is supported on many devices including iOS and Android mobile apps, game consoles, smart TVs and more.

Buy Episodes of Bob Hearts Abishola on Amazon Prime Video

You can purchase and download episodes and seasons of Bob Hearts Abishola from Amazon Prime Video. Purchase prices typically range from $2-$3 per HD episode.

This is a good option if you want to permanently own episodes or seasons to rewatch anytime. Downloaded Prime Video purchases can be watched without an internet connection.

Amazon Prime Video works on Fire TV, mobile devices, smart TVs, game consoles, and more. An Amazon Prime membership is required to purchase and download videos.

Check for Syndicated Reruns of Bob Hearts Abishola

In addition to airing new episodes on CBS, Bob Hearts Abishola also enters into local syndication. This means reruns of the show air on various local broadcast stations and cable channels.

Check your local TV listings to see if a station in your area airs reruns of Bob Hearts Abishola. It’s common to find the show airing on independent stations, as well as cable channels like TBS, TV Land, Comedy Central, BET, and more.

The syndicated reruns are typically episodes from previous seasons, so it’s a way to catch up if you missed some. Listings are available on sites like TV Guide and Zap2It.

Watch Clips of Bob Hearts Abishola on YouTube

If you just want a quick fix of Bob Hearts Abishola, numerous clips from the show are available to watch for free on YouTube.

The official Bob Hearts Abishola channel has clips compiling funny moments, previews for upcoming episodes, and more. Many fans also upload clips of their favorite scenes on YouTube.

It’s an easy way to catch highlights and laughs from the show without watching full episodes. Keep in mind the availability of clips can vary as some may get removed for copyright reasons.

Buy Bob Hearts Abishola on Digital Retailers

You can buy full season passes or single episodes to download and own from digital retailers like:

– iTunes

– Vudu

– Google Play

– YouTube

– Microsoft Store

Episodes are usually available the day after airing on TV. Prices are generally $2-$3 per HD episode. Downloads can be watched on various devices.

This option lets you build a permanent digital collection of Bob Hearts Abishola episodes to rewatch anytime. You own the downloads indefinitely.

Watch Bob Hearts Abishola on DVDs/Blu-rays

Past seasons of Bob Hearts Abishola are available on DVD and Blu-ray discs. You can collect the discs and play them on any device with a DVD or Blu-ray drive.

The discs contain all episodes from a season, along with bonus behind-the-scenes features. You can buy the discs from retailers like Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart for around $20-30 per season.

The discs allow you to rewatch episodes with no internet required. It’s the best option for owning full seasons to watch commercial free.

Check Your Local Library for Bob Hearts Abishola

Don’t forget to look at your local public library for options to borrow Bob Hearts Abishola on DVD. Many libraries carry popular TV shows on DVD that you can check out for free with a library card.

They may have past seasons of Bob Hearts Abishola available. It's a free way to watch the show if you don’t mind waiting for discs to become available.

Stream Bob Hearts Abishola on Flights with Gogo

If you are traveling by plane and your flight offers WiFi from Gogo, you can stream Bob Hearts Abishola and other CBS shows for free on planes.

Connecting to Gogo’s inflight WiFi gives you access to stream programs from CBS alongside other networks. It’s a neat option for watching a few episodes during long flights.

Watch at Bob Hearts Abishola Friends’ Houses

If your friends or family members have ways to access Bob Hearts Abishola, you may be able to watch with them by getting together for viewing parties.

For example, if they have a cable package with CBS, Paramount+, Hulu, DVDs, or other access, you can have viewing parties to catch up on episodes together.

It’s a fun way to enjoy the show with other fans and potentially get access if you don’t have the means on your own.

Check Hotels on Travel for Bob Hearts Abishola

Some hotels offer CBS and other local channels in their guest rooms. When traveling, you may be able to watch Bob Hearts Abishola by tuning in to CBS in your hotel room.

The availability varies by hotel, but it’s worth checking channel guides during stays. Having CBS in your room is an easy way to catch up on episodes while traveling.

Wait for Rebroadcasts

If you miss an episode of Bob Hearts Abishola on its initial airing, keep an eye out for rebroadcasts. CBS often airs repeats of shows at various other days and times.

You can catch an episode you missed during a repeat timeslot. Use your channel guide or listings sites to find when CBS schedules re-air.

Follow on Social Media

Follow the official Bob Hearts Abishola social media accounts on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They often post preview clips, contests, and announcements that could offer more ways to view.

The social accounts sometimes run contests to win prizes like free digital episodes or merchandise. The following also keep you updated on any viewing-related news.

Bob Hearts Abishola has plenty of options for viewing. With new episodes airing on CBS, old episodes streaming on Paramount+ and Hulu, purchase options, DVD releases, and syndicated reruns, fans have no shortage of ways to watch the beloved sitcom.

Be sure to catch up on past laughs and stay tuned for more hilarity as Bob Hearts Abishola season 4 is currently showing on CBS. The heartwarming love story of Bob and Abishola continues to delight audiences.

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