How to Publish on Scribd and How to Make Money on Scribd

How to Publish on Scribd and How to Make Money on Scribd

I. Introduction to How to Publish on Scribd and How to Make Money on Scribd

A. Brief background on Scribd

Scribd is a popular digital publishing and ebook platform that allows users to publish a wide variety of content including documents, books, audiobooks, sheet music, presentations and more. Founded in 2007, Scribd has grown to over 100 million users across the world. It has become one of the largest self-publishing and reading sites on the web.

Scribd offers an accessible way for writers to share their work in a variety of formats. Whether you want to share a novel, research paper, comic book, song lyrics or business presentation, Scribd makes it easy to upload and publish your documents quickly. Readers can access Scribd content on the web or by using iOS and Android apps.


With its large reader base, Scribd provides great exposure and reach for writers looking to find an audience for their work. It has also emerged as a major platform for self-published authors. According to Scribd, over 80 million people use its subscription service to access ebooks, audiobooks and other premium content each month. This presents a huge opportunity for authors to monetize their writing.

B. Scribd's large user base and popularity as a self-publishing platform

As mentioned above, Scribd has an enormous user base with over 100 million users. This rivals Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing platform, which is used by many self-published authors to distribute their ebooks.


Scribd has gained popularity as a self-publishing choice due to its simple uploading process, global distribution, and options to earn revenue. Scribd allows authors to upload work quickly and share it widely without having to worry about formatting or conversions.

Whether you are an independent author, published writer, business professional, educator or student, Scribd provides a way to publish your work online and tap into its massive reader audience. Authors have seen thousands of downloads of their self-published books on Scribd.

C. Overview of the steps for publishing on Scribd and monetizing your work

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the key steps for publishing your work on Scribd and also using Scribd to generate revenue from your documents.

We will cover:

  • Creating an account and setting up your profile
  • Supported file types and how to upload documents
  • Organizing and sharing your work effectively
  • Customizing privacy settings for each document
  • Marketing your work to find readers
  • Making money through Scribd's subscription service
  • Selling your original ebooks and audiobooks directly
  • Monetizing through advertising revenue share
  • Tips to increase reads, sales and exposure

Whether you are looking to simply share your passion projects with the world or want to build a readership and earn money from your writing, this guide will help you succeed on Scribd. Let's get started!

II. Publishing on Scribd

A. Creating a Scribd account

The first step to publishing your work on Scribd is setting up an account. Here's how to get started:

  1. Signing up for a free or paid account
  • Free account – This allows you to upload up to 2 documents, access content shared with you and follow other users. With a free account, you can read up to 3 Scribd documents a month.
  • Paid account – For $8.99 per month you get unlimited reading and uploads. This makes it easy to share all your documents and ebooks. You also get access to Scribd's full content catalog of over 1 million documents, books & audiobooks.

To sign up, go to and click “Join” in the top right. You'll be prompted to enter your email and create a password.

  1. Completing your profile

Once you've created an account, you'll want to complete your profile. This helps other Scribd members connect with you.

  • Go to “Settings” and click “Profile” to edit details like photo, bio, interests etc. The more filled out, the better.
  • Link your social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter so readers can find you.
  • Claim your Scribd URL username to make it easy for people to share your profile.
  • Toggle notifications so you stay updated as readers engage with your documents.

B. Supported file formats on Scribd

Scribd supports uploading a diverse range of file formats – from PDFs, Word docs, presentations to ebooks. Here are the major types:

  1. Documents
  • PDFs – The most popular document format on Scribd. Well-formatted PDFs show up beautifully.
  • Word docs – You can directly upload .doc and .docx files. Scribd will convert them to PDF for reading.
  • TXT files – Simple text files are supported.
  • Images – JPEG, PNG file types are supported.
  1. eBooks
  • EPUB – The standard ebook format that works across devices.
  • MOBI – Amazon's Kindle ebook format. Upload MOBI to publish your book for Kindle devices.
  • PDF – For longer PDF ebooks and reports.
  1. Audiobooks
  • MP3 – Upload MP3 files for audio versions of your book.
  • M4b – For iTunes audiobooks to access on Apple devices.
  1. Sheet music
  • PDF sheet music files are supported.
  1. Presentations
  • PPT/PPTX – Upload PowerPoint presentations.
  • PDF Presentations also display nicely.

Most file types are supported, but it's best to stick to these major formats when publishing on Scribd to ensure proper rendering. Next, let's look at how to actually upload files to Scribd.

C. Uploading your work

Scribd offers a couple of ways to upload your documents and ebooks:

  1. Through website
  • Go to ↗ and click “Upload” on top right.
  • You can drag and drop files or select files from your computer.
  • Add document title, description, tags, and visibility settings.
  • Click “Upload” to finish.
  • The document may take a few minutes to process depending on length.
  1. Using Scribd mobile app
  • Download the Scribd app on your iOS or Android device.
  • Tap the + icon and select your file to upload.
  • Add details like title, description and custom URL.
  • Make it public or private and upload.

The mobile app lets you publish documents on the go from your phone or tablet. The uploading process is the same on web and mobile. Now let's look at organizing your Scribd content.

D. Organizing your documents

As you publish more documents on Scribd, you may want to organize them so readers can easily find related content. Here are two ways to do this:

  1. Grouping into collections
  • Create collections like “Fiction Books”, “Research Reports” etc.
  • Add relevant documents to each collection.
  • Readers can follow collections for updates.
  • Helps you brand and cross-promote your Scribd documents.
  1. Using tags
  • Add relevant tags as you upload documents.
  • Useful tags include topic, title, author name etc.
  • Helps readers find content by keyword.
  • Tags also optimize SEO and discoverability.

Well-organized documents get more visibility, reads and shares on Scribd.

E. Customizing privacy settings

Scribd gives you control over the privacy settings for each document you publish. You can make a document:

  1. Private
  • Only visible to you. Useful for drafts.
  1. Public
  • Visible to all Scribd members. Maximizes reach.
  1. For Fans Only
  • Only visible to readers who follow you. Lets you reward loyal fans with exclusive content.

Adjust privacy settings in the “Manage Documents” section for each upload. Public is best for maximizing reads and exposure. Private while drafting then switch to public on publishing. For Fans Only lets you build a paid fan base.

F. Marketing your work on Scribd

When you share documents on Scribd, you want readers to be able to discover them. Here are some tips to effectively market your work:

  1. Descriptions, titles, tags to optimize SEO
  • Fill out titles and descriptions in detail for every document.
  • Include relevant keywords readers may search for.
  • Well-optimized metadata improves visibility.
  1. Interact with readers
  • Reply to comments and questions on your documents.
  • Thank those who add your document to reading lists.
  • Helps build a connection with your audience.
  1. Groups and lists to reach more readers
  • Join relevant groups in your genre or niche.
  • Participate in group discussions.
  • Get added to popular reading lists via exposure in active groups.

Leveraging Scribd’s community helps increase engagement and readers for your documents. Now let's look at how to start making money from your writing on Scribd.

III. Monetizing Your Work on Scribd

Beyond publishing for free, Scribd offers authors several ways to earn from their work through its monetization models:

A. Scribd subscription service

  1. Readers pay a monthly fee to access all documents

Scribd’s subscription service allows readers access to its entire catalog of over 1 million premium documents, audiobooks, books and more for a monthly fee (currently $8.99/month).

As a creator, the more readers that subscribe to Scribd, the more opportunity there is to monetize your work.

  1. You earn based on the number of reads

When subscribers read your documents, you earn a share of the flat subscription revenue each month. Payout is proportional based on your share of total reads.

More reads of your documents equals more money. This model incentivizes authors to publish frequently to grow reads.

B. Selling your original works

For original works like ebooks, audiobooks and sheet music that you have rights to, you can directly sell these to Scribd subscribers.

  1. Setting a price

You can set a price for your original works starting at $1.99 or above. Scribd pays you 70% of your set price per sale.

  1. Getting 70% royalties

When subscribers purchase your original works, you earn 70% royalties on the sales price.

This is an attractive earning model since 70% is higher than the royalty percentage offered by Amazon and other retailers.

C. Advertising revenue share

If you choose to enable ads on your works, you can earn from impressions:

  1. Placing ads along your content
    Scribd will insert relevant text ads amid your document content. You control whether ads display.
  2. Earning based on impressions
    For every 1,000 ad impressions, you earn a share of the ad revenue. Rates vary based on content type.

Enabling ads provides an additional revenue stream from your existing documents. However, some authors prefer an ad-free reading experience for subscribers.

Next let’s look at some pro tips to boost reads, sales and revenue from your Scribd documents.

D. Tips for increasing reads and sales on Scribd

Follow these best practices used by Scribd’s top creators to maximize engagement and monetization from your documents:

  1. Quality over quantity

Focus on publishing fantastic content that engages readers deeply rather than flooding Scribd with lower-quality documents. Great writing gets shared more.

  1. Target niche topics

Zero in on specific niches and underserved topics. Cater content to focused audiences passionate about your niche rather than the general public.

  1. Regularly add new content

Don’t be a one-hit wonder. Successful Scribd authors publish new documents frequently to keep readership and revenue growing.

  1. Use metadata effectively

Fill out titles, descriptions and tags completely to help readers find your documents in Search.

  1. Promote your profile and docs

Share your Scribd profile and documents across your social media platforms. Connect your website to Scribd so readers can discover your writing.

  1. Analyze your stats

Use Scribd’s author dashboard to check reads, engagement and earnings. Find out what content resonates to inform your publishing strategy.

  1. Engage readers

Respond to thoughtful comments on your documents. Give readers additional info they want. This community interaction helps convert and retain readers.

  1. Try different monetization models

Experiment with the subscription reads, direct sales and ads models to see which performs best. Offer some documents for free to increase paid uptake of premium content.

  1. Stay on top of trends

Notice rising topics and interest areas in your niche. Create timely content that caters to changing reader demands. Documents on trending subjects can take off in popularity.

  1. Collaborate with influencers

Team up with prominent authors in your space for co-promotion opportunities. Cross-promote each other’s profiles and documents to expand reach.

Following these tips will help you build an audience on Scribd and maximize monetization from various income streams.

IV. Conclusion on How to Publish on Scribd and How to Make Money on Scribd

A. Summary of key points

That wraps up our guide on how to publish and make money on Scribd! Let’s summarize the key points:

  • Scribd is a leading platform for writers to share documents, books, audiobooks and more while gaining readership.
  • Creating an account is free. Upgrade to a paid plan for more access and features.
  • Upload all types of documents from Word to PDFs, EPUB books, PowerPoints, images and more.
  • Organize documents into collections. Use tags to optimize discoverability.
  • Customize privacy settings from private to public access.
  • Market your work effectively with metadata, groups and engaging readers.
  • Monetize through subscription reads, direct sales of original works, and ad revenue share.
  • Boost earnings by publishing quality content frequently, analyzing metrics, promoting aggressively etc.

B. Final tips for successfully publishing and monetizing on Scribd

And some final tips:

  • Study Scribd’s best practices for authors to maximize impact.
  • Be consistent – build a large library of documents that readers can binge.
  • Interact with your audience – cultivate dedicated fans.
  • Promote strategically online and offline.
  • Keep innovating with content formats – consider short stories, poems, comics etc.
  • Collaborate with other writers to access new audiences.
  • Don't get discouraged – growing readership and revenue takes persistence.
  • Enjoy the journey! Building a community around your writing can be incredibly rewarding.

Scribd provides an immense opportunity to publish your passion projects, connect with readers who love your work, and even earn income from your writing. We hope this guide gives you the tips and motivation to get started. Happy scribding!