Google Launches New Free Online Courses and Certifications to Upskill for the Digital Economy

Google Launches New Free Online Courses and Certifications to Upskill for the Digital Economy

Google has always been at the forefront of digital technology and skills training. In line with that mission, Google recently announced the launch of three new free online courses and certifications on its Skillshop platform. These courses are designed to help learners gain skills and certifications in digital advertising and marketing – critical skills needed for the modern digital economy.

Google Launches New Free Online Courses and Certifications to Upskill for the Digital Economy
Google Launches New Free Online Courses and Certifications to Upskill for the Digital Economy

The Three New Course Offerings

The new course offerings from Google include:

1. Foundational Google Ads Certifications

These courses are ideal for those new to Google Ads or with less than one year of experience. They provide fundamental knowledge across key Google Ads products including:

– Search ads

– Display ads

– Video ads

– Shopping ads

– Measurement

– Analytics

Completing the assessments at the end of each course leads to a certification that can be added to your resume and LinkedIn profile.

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2. Professional Google Ads Certifications

For experienced Google Ads users with over 1 year of experience, Professional level certifications offer a more advanced learning track. 

These courses cover topics like:

– Advanced Google Ads Search

– Sophisticated Google Display Network tactics

– Leveraging YouTube mastery

Professional certifications also end with proctored assessments, providing a valuable credential for digital marketing professionals.

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3. Google Marketing Platform Certifications

Moving beyond just Google Ads, these courses cover the wider Google Marketing Platform ecosystem. Topics include:

– Search Ads 360 for enterprise organizations

– Google Analytics for measurement and insights

– Campaign Manager 360 abilities for omnichannel campaigns

– Leveraging mobile and video advertising capabilities

Completing assessments for these courses leads to certifications in each Google Marketing Platform solution.

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The Benefits of Google Skillshop Certifications

There are many benefits to earning Google certifications including:

  • Provides credentials and badges to showcase skills on resumes and LinkedIn
  • Helps advance your career by demonstrating hands-on abilities
  • Builds confidence in using Google products by validating your expertise
  • Allows you to stand out when applying for digital marketing and analytics roles
  • Shows dedication for continuously developing your skillset
  • Free and self-paced learning of in-demand digital skills
  • Ongoing updates ensure your skills stay relevant
  • Learning in-demand skills for the digital economy from Google experts
  • Getting certified helps build confidence and expertise in Google tools
  • Completing certifications allows you to stand out to potential employers
  • Courses are self-paced and accessible online from anywhere

Skillshop programs are always free to enrol and participate in. The only cost is your time and dedication to build your skills.

Who Should Get Certified

Ideal candidates for Google certifications include:

  • Digital marketing professionals looking to advance their careers
  • Individuals seeking roles in digital analytics or advertising
  • Small business owners and agency professionals who manage Google Ads
  • Marketers wanting to upskill in Google tools like Analytics 360 and Campaign Manager
  • Career switchers trying to gain new digital marketing qualifications
  • Marketing and analytics students looking to supplement classroom learning
  • Anyone interested in understanding Google products better

No specific background or pre-requisites are required. All that’s needed is an interest in learning and gaining digital marketing skills.

Getting Started with Skillshop Certifications

Ready to get started? Here are the steps to begin with Skillshop courses and certifications:

1. Set up your learner account at

2. Browse the catalog of courses and select ones that interest you

3. Enroll in courses for free access to the learning materials

4. Study and complete assignments at your own pace

5. Pass course assessments to gain certifications

6. Share your new credentials on LinkedIn and resumes!

Investing your time into Google Skillshop courses can pay dividends in gaining new skills, confidence, and credentials. These programs are a free and accessible way to become Google certified and market yourself as an expert.

The digital economy continues to grow rapidly, and Google wants to do its part to provide training. These courses are an excellent way to start learning high-demand digital marketing skills from the source – Google itself. Whether you’re starting a career, advancing in one, or helping grow a business, digital advertising and marketing skills are crucial. Consider enrolling in Google’s Skillshop certification courses to set yourself up for success.

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