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Christian clerics endorse Tinubu for president, say APC flag bearer ‘man of honour’


Christian Clerics Endorse Tinubu for President

Christian clerics across Nigeria have unanimously endorsed the All Progressives Congress (APC) flag bearer, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, for President in the upcoming 2023 election.

In a press conference organized recently at the State House, Abuja, the clerics presented Tinubu as a “man of honour,” and commended his service to Nigeria, especially the critical roles he played in transforming Lagos to a modern metropolis.


Testimonies of Honourable Service

The clerics outlined Tinubu's honourable service in their testimonies, listing out some of his independent initiatives, such as:

  • Inter-state road network: The transformation of the deplorable transportation system in Lagos State to a more reliable inter-state road network.
  • Democratic freedom: Tinubu's determination to restore civil service and bring democratic freedom.
  • Agricultural reforms: Successful imposition of an equitable import policy in collaboration with local farmers.
  • Education reform: Reforming the education system and increasing awareness on educational inclusion.

The clerics commended the APC flag bearer's ability to make hard choices when required, and work towards the welfare of the people.


APC Flag Bearer “Man of Honour”

The clerics agreed that Tinubu's service over time has earned him the epithet of a “man of honour”.

Nigeria's ongoing political climate necessitates the presence of an APC flag bearer who can provide quality service, trust goodness, and deliver judgement with wisdom.

The clerics maintained that Tinubu has proven himself to be the best candidate for such duties, having led through numerous difficult decisions.

He is a leader worthy of emulation and has showed to possess the unquestionable traits needed of a leader.

Whilst noting that Tinubu's endorsement is not a religious one, the clerics, nevertheless, declared that the Lagos State former governor is the presidential candidate they will work with to ensure progress in Nigeria.

Given his track record, Tinubu has deservedly won the endorsement of respected Christian clerics, who believe in him as a leader who can make Nigeria and the citizens of Nigeria great again.
Christian clerics in Nigeria have come out in full support of the All Progressives Congress (APC) flag bearer, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, ahead of the 2023 presidential election.

At a prayer session in honour ofsenator Tinubu in Lagos recently, the group of clerics,led by Rev. Joseph Okojie, praised the APC chieftain forhis transformational initiatives and leadership style which has been felt across the country.

The clerics also noted that their endorsement of Tinubuafter the prayer session was borne out of their careful observation of the APC chieftain's leadership style.

In his remarks, Rev. Okojie stated that Tinubu was a'man of honour' who had brought immense development across Nigeria.He therefore charged Nigerians to trust him and support him forpresident in the 2023 general elections.

Furthermore, the cleric used the opportunity to praise Tinubu's tolerance and forgiveness of divergent political views which were key factors to his successes in his many political engagements.

It is worthy of note that despite some misgivings, Tinubu remains a popular figure within the Nigerian political community,known for putting the interest of the people above tribal affiliations and religious sentiments.

The clerics further urged Nigerians to support Tinubu's presidential aspiration, citing that if he was voted into power, the entire nation would benefit immensely in terms of infrastructure, security and overall socioeconomic development.

In the same vein, the group encouraged the APC flag bearer to continue to propagate peace and unity for the betterment of Nigeria.

Undoubtedly, this endorsement from the Christian community is a testament to Tinubu's strong appeal among the electorates and it will come as no surprise if he eventually ascends the highest office in the land in 2023.

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